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Global Market Perspective - Second Quarter 2011 - image

Global Market Perspective - Second Quarter 2011

In this Second Quarter edition we describe the ongoing global real estate recovery, characterised by strengthening investment markets, increasing corporate optimism and robust price growth for prime assets across multiple markets

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Global Real Estate Transparency 2010 - image

Global Real Estate Transparency 2010

Jones Lang LaSalle’s Real Estate Transparency Index charts the steady progress of real estate transparency in 81 markets across the globe. It highlights the important differences you experience when transacting, owning and operating in foreign markets.

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  World Expo - Building the Foundations For Shanghai's Future
A huge investment in Shanghai’s infrastructure has been made ahead of the 2010 World Expo, making the city a better place to live and work. This infrastructure will be the Expo’s lasting legacy and lays the foundation for the longer-term development of both commercial and residential properties.
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  Critical Care for Critical Environments: Investing in reliability and protecting your bottom line
When critical systems such as data centers and trading floors crash, companies can experience millions of dollars in losses every hour. With the economic crisis impacting on the bottom lines of many organizations, the issue of Critical Environment integrity is high on the agenda.
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